Arrival in Bangkok
Arrival in Bangkok
Episode 1
Champion of 2018 Predator League
Geek Fam, Malaysia
Geek Fam is a Malaysia-based esports team founded on 25th November 2016. Their winning roster for the Asia Pacific Predator League consisted of Skemberlu, March, ChYuan, Oli and Playhard, who are all within the top 150 highest ranking players in the entire SEA/Oceania region. Geek Fam believes in setting a new standard for SEA esports through their team management and community. They are currently the #1 ranked Malaysian Dota 2 team and #28 overall in the world.
champion of 2019 predator league
2019 PUBG Champion, Afreeca Freeca

Afreeca Freecs is Afreeca TV’s professional gaming team. The team name Freecs is derived from the word ‘free’ and ‘freak’, which represents our mission to continuously take on new and exciting challenges in the eSports industry. They are the #1 ranked 2018 PUBG Korea League Season2, and their winning roaster for the 2019 Predator League consisted of Style, R0wha, Shadow, Gukhyun.

champion of 2019 predator league
2019 DOTA2 Champion, TNC PREDATOR

TNC Predator has always been at the forefront of the Dota 2 scene. With Kuku, Armel, Tims, Gabbi and Eyyou, competing as one unit, they bring pride to the Filipino people through their strong performance in the international scene.

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