total prize pool
USD 400,000
Ready to Fight
players from all over the Asia Pacific region
Acer announced that the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 will be held in the Philippines at the closing ceremony of this year’s tournament in Thailand.
After three days of intense competition, the second edition of the Asia Pacific Predator League has concluded after the grand final rounds of PUBG and DOTA2 battles came to an end at the Nimibutr Stadium on February 17. The top 26 out of 3,530 esports teams across the Asia Pacific region gathered in Bangkok for the finals, over 10,000 fans came to witness the battles in person, with over 4.3 million views online and a peak concurrent viewership of over 60,000.
“Especially in the Pan Asia Pacific Region, Acer hopes to provide a stage for young talents, not only through hardware but also through an esports ecosystem and industry,” said Andrew Hou, President of Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations, Acer Inc. “We hope that the athletes from Predator League 2019 can continue with their great work as a member of the esports community, and we look forward to seeing them again in 2020 in the Philippines.”

You can claim your tickets to watch the most epic battle of the champions in the whole Asia Pacific live at the Mall of Asia Arena, Philippines. Tickets are available via SM Tickets and

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Ticket Prices
Ticket Tier Price Inclusions
VIP PHP 1500 Premium Loot Box and Meet & Greet Pass
Lower Box PHP 600 Premium Loot Box
Upper Box PHP 400 Freebie


Presenting the Teams for the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 Finals!

Reality Rift - Singapore
Flower Gaming - Malaysia
Image result for flower gaming logo
Veteran - Myanmar
Neon Esports - Philippines
Lowkey Esports - Philippines
TNC Predator - Philippines
The Council - Bangladesh
Image result for the council bangladesh dota 2 logo
IMG - Mongolia
496 Gaming - Vietnam
Sara Kollo - Sri Lanka
Image result for dota 2 logo
BOOM Esports - Indonesia
STR - Taiwan

Image result for pubg logo
ArkAngel - Philippines
Image result for arkangel logo pubg
Miraculum Gaming - Philippines
Team Immunity - Australia
Image result for team immunity australia logo
Danawa e-sports - South Korea
Purple Mood E-Sport - Thailand
SharpeR White - Thailand
Image result for sharper white logo thailand esports
DetonatioN Gaming White - Japan
Image result for detonation gaming white logo
Rascal Jester - Japan
PandaCute - Hong Kong
Team Curson - Taiwan
Image result for team curson logo
Victim Rise - Indonesia
GameHome Esports - Vietnam

Renaissance - Singapore
Indian Rivals - India
MP5 - Macau
Battle Arena Elites - Malaysia
Image result for battle arena Elites logo

The winners of
the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 are:
Champion: Afreeca Freecs Fatal from The Republic of Korea, USD$ 75,000 prize money and Predator Helios Notebooks for each of the team members.
First Runner-up: Purple Mood from Thailand, USD$ 30,000 prize money. 
Second Runner-up: Team Immunity from Australia, USD$ 15,000 prize money.
The winners of
the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 are:
Champion: TNC Predator from the Philippines USD$ 75,000 prize money and Predator Helios Notebooks for each of the team members.
First Runner-up: BOOM ID from Indonesia, USD$ 30,000 prize money.
Second Runner-up: GeekFam from Malaysia, USD$ 15,000 prize money.
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