Team Immunity had endured the PUBG Throwdown domestically in 2018 to represent Oceania in the 2019 grand finals held in Bangkok, Thailand. They themselves won the national grand prize and the chance to win it all for Oceania.

During the 2019 Predator League Grand Finals in Bangkok, Team Immunity had fought valiantly to place 3rd from 16 of the best global teams winning themselves $15,000USD and a place at the podium. They have now set their sights to win it all in the 2021 tournament. They are prepared to take on all their foes and claim first place in this year’s tournament.

Established in 2003, Team Immunity is Oceania’s most successful professional eSports team and is also Australia’s first professional multi-gaming team. While content in winning third place in 2019’s grand final, Team Immunity has not become complacent. As Margaret Thatcher once said “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” and that is what Team Immunity is prepared to do.

Hold up the 2021 Predator League shield.

To cheer on all teams, the Predator League 2020/21 Grand Finals Commences @ 1PM AEST 6th April!

Tune in to our PL 2020/21 PUBG APAC Region local Australian broadcast at the times below:

Date Rounds Start Time Watch Live
Thursday 8th April 2021 1-4 6:30PM AEST  Facebook
Friday 9th April 2021 5-8 1:30PM AEST  Facebook
Sunday 11th April 2021 9-12 1:30PM AEST  Facebook

The APAC Predator League 2020/21 will be broadcasted live on Acer Predator’s channels, Facebook (Link).